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About Erin E. Alferman

At a young age I was always creating, painting, exploring. I was the child that they could not pull away from the easel finger painting in school. My passion to create only seemed to become more involved as the years went by, taking classes in different medias in Connecticut where I was born. By age seven I had discovered clay, a great, three dimensional media. I could create objects that people could touch, hold and experience.

The Process

The process used in a lot of my work is the lost art of chasing and repousse. Repousse is a metalworking technique that takes a sheet of metal and is shaped by hammering from the reverse side. Chasing refers to the detailing of a design from the front using smaller, specially shaped punches. The two techniques are used in conjunction to make my designs take form and create a detailed finished piece. My wish is to share the beauty of handmade jewelry and the love, work and time that goes into the creative process.

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